I WILL NEVER BE JUST A BLIP IN TIME: At the new 52 panel, Dan DiDio was asked whether the new Question would be Renee or Vic. He dodged it by saying he...


Gail Simone, a huge Renee fan, was the person he was referring to that he couldn’t speak in front of (for fear of her cutting his balls off, apparently).

This probably means Vic’s death will be retconned in the reboot, which means Renee’s place is still uncertain and she won’t be the Question.

I’m very upset—the more news I read from the New 52 panels, the more I despise the higher ups pulling the strings at DC. I wish they would just announce what the fuck they’re doing with Renee already, since she’s a minority

I’m a huge fan of the original Question, and I’m pissed. Not unlike Charlie’s journey, Renee had to overcome her personal demons. Her strength of spirit is up to par with our favorite original “Q”, and she honors Charlie’s legacy. While I had many issues with the 52 weekly series, Renee inheriting the Question mantle actually made me well up with tears. It didn’t feel like a gimmick or a revamp, but more like a natural transition. Charlie, a man whose name was given to him by the state, a man who had it hard almost his entire life, had finally reached the end, free of suffering. That faceless mask challenged Renee, gave her a sense of purpose.

I mean damn, I feel like we only got a taste of her as the Question, yet they almost overshadow her days in the GCPD. Maybe DC has a new Gotham Central book in mind, but I doubt it would measure up to the Brubaker/Rucka series. I hope its not because she’s latina. I hope its not because she’s queer, but at this point it wouldn’t surprise me.

Renee earned that title. Going backwards isn’t story telling.

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    The problem is that the interview itself didn’t say anything about Renee, so it’s still up in the air honestly. Until we...
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    Wait, what? But I remember reading an article about LGBT characters who would appear in the reboot and they mentioned...
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    I’m fucking done.
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    Just when you think you’ve had your final fuck this shit moment…it’s almost comical.
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    Okay fuck this shit I’m done. Again.
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    Yeah, but I blame that mostly on their readership. They are going to print what sells. You could argue that some books...
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    The more I hear from Comic-Con, the more I hate DC.
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    Heroes are people. They come and go. But any Question is better than no Question.
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    Wait, I thought Didio/someone confirmed at another panel that Renee will be acting as the Question?
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    WHAT. THE. FUCK. You’re serious? Renee has quickly become one of the favored heroines despite the lack of story archs...
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